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The Best Salary Negotiation Guide

Using this salary negotiation guide from Grad Path, I negotiated an annual salary that is 15% higher than I thought even possible, and I secured a more senior title than my peers.

If you are getting ready to accept a new job or just starting the interview process do NOT go any further without reading this guide. Jason Ziemianski and his team at Grad Path not only got me set up with this website and everything else that goes into my personal brand, they also helped me pay for their service by guiding me through the negotiation process. Little did I know, the salary negotiation often begins in the first interview. Knowing this before I started the process prepared me to lay the groundwork by immediately managing employer expectations about what I expected while giving them a chance to divulge what they were willing to offer.

While I highly recommend working with Grad Path, I encourage you to grab this invaluable information even if you don’t. It’s free and it may just land you a salary that changes your life.

Check it out here: Salary Negotiation Guide

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