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Googles 2022 Product & Feature Releases

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

One of the things I love most about Google is the breadth of products and services we provide.

I've included a few of my favorites below, but feel free to check out a more comprehensive list over on the Google blog here

My absolute fave is the A/R filter for fashion and makeup. This allows me to see what things will look like on models that share my features and body type. Look at this tool for exploring foundation.

Another one of my faves is the unblur feature on my photo app. I'm always taking action shots or sometimes not tapping the right spot on the screen so this is a lifesaver for me.

Check out the sample below or go here to see all kinds of amazing examples

Can't wait to see the useful things we release in 2023!

Jason Ziemianski

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